Love our Planet

The Blue Marble

The Apollo 17 took a picture of planet earth from space. The picture came to be known as the “blue marble”. This tiny little mud ball of ours is there to see without any supply lines or access to other resources. Have we really paused for reflection? Does the current economic frameworks really cater for resource allocation between 8 billion people, now and in the future?

Straight Line versus Circularity

Our current framework for dealing with production and consumption of goods and services is that of a linear economy. The “take-make-dispose” approach, meaning that we take from the earth the materials need for production and once used it is discarded. In a world of infinite resources there is not so much to else to say, it works…

Butterfly Economy

We need to take a holistic view on what we do and the impact we have. Keeping goods in “play” for longer with better stock management techniques is critical to sustainability but we can not forget that biological or rather the renewable economy also needs to be promoted and invested in. Mindfulness around every resource we use will lead to a more sustainable future.

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